Safe Pass training has resumed in Kerry, Cork & Limerick

I will resume Safe Pass Training in Killarney, Co Kerry in Late July/early August. See below for phone numbers of people that are delivering safe Pass now.

These firms are providing Safe Pass training at present….CSME (Cork) 0214978100……. Philip (Kerry) 0872571494 …….Frank (Cork/Kerry) 0872252465……. CSME (Dublin) 015175270

Manual Handling. This training is now available online via Zoom. Click here for details.

Abrasive Wheel Training.This training will resume soon. Click here for details.

CIF Scaffolding Inspection course. Via Zoom. 29th July & 31st August Click here for details.

Free CIF COVID-19 Induction course. Click here for details.

Click here to go through the SOP which the CIF issued. It is an incredibly good document and well worth a read. It clearly points out things you must do. That is the standard that is expected of everyone in construction