Abrasive Wheels

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Abrasive Wheel Training Course

This training addresses the Selection and Mounting of Abrasive Wheels as required by the 2016 Regulations, which states that the proper training MUST be provided to any person who, in the work place, puts (mounts) Abrasive Wheels on Angle Grinders, Con-Saws, Chop Saws, Bench grinders and/or other equipment that requires Abrasive Wheels to be mounted onto spindles. Seamus has delivered this training to Fás, Solas, the E.T.B. and many large employers in the metal fabrication industry.

This training is available via two methods –

  1. Traditional Classroom Training
  2. Blended Learning Training

Traditional classroom training is delivered in a suitable training room during the normal working week. The course takes about four hours.

Blended Learning Training involves a combination of both online and face to face training. The online part of the course can be taken anytime of the day or night at your home, or where ever suits you (you will need access to the internet). The face to face training is carried out in Killarney.

  • During the course you will be provided with a good quality handbook which contains course notes.  This handbook is yours to keep and will be a useful reference book for the future.
  • You will, assuming you wish to do further studies on the topic, be provided with several sources of additional information.
  • You will, keeping in mind that you must pass both the written and practical test, be provided with a Training Certificate certified by Seamus O’Sullivan Training.

Typical Course Content

  • Importance of training and why it is required
  • Risk assessment and the Safety Statement
  • General duties of employers and employees
  • The Common law and The 2005 Act. (Health and Safety at work)
  • Abrasive wheel regulations, (2016 Regulations)
  • Examples of typical accidents (why training is required).
  • Reasons why accidents occur, and how to avoid them.
  • How to select the correct abrasive wheel for the task.
  • Blotters, expiry dates, how to carry out the ring test and how to dress an abrasive wheel.
  • What all the markings on abrasive wheels indicate.
  • Why you may need to, and how to measure spindle speed.
  • Types of PPE. (personal protective equipment) on the market
  • Safety checks to be carried out(pre use & post use)
  • PAT testing (portable appliance testing)
  • Why you need to protect your lungs from dust, and how to minimise the risk posed by dust
  • The effects of Noise on your hearing, and various methods to minimise the effects of noise.
  • How vibration affects your health, and how to minimise the risks posed by vibration
  • Discussion on the B.S. markings
  • Dressing & truing of abrasive wheels.
  • Function of various components including flanges and blotters
  • Hot works permits
  • Safe mounting of the abrasive wheel

This course has been designed to comply with the Abrasive Wheel Regulations 2016.
However it does not train the operator on using the equipment which can be carried out as an add on and usually takes about 3 hours.

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Abrasive Wheel courses in Kerry – All participants must have a good standard of English and have a good working knowledge of the equipment.

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