Abrasive Wheels

Abrasive Wheel Training Course – Kerr


(Selection and Mounting of Abrasive Wheels as required by the 2016 Regulations)

This is one of the best quality abrasive wheel training courses in Munster. Seamus has delivered this course for Fás, Solas, the E.T.B. and many  clients in Munster: Kerry, Cork and Limerick. Online courses – e learning courses and blended learning courses are available.

Who is the course suitable for?

  • Anybody who puts (mounts) abrasive wheels on angle grinders, con-saws,  and chop saws..
  • Users of bench grinders.

Course Content

  • Importance of training.
  • General duties of employers and employees
  • The Common law and The 2005 Act. (Health and Safety at work)
  • Abrasive wheel regulations, (2016 Regulations)
  • Examples of typical accidents (why training is required).
  • Reasons why accidents occur, and how to avoid them.
  • How to select an abrasive wheel.
  • Blotters, expiry dates, the ring test and how to dress an abrasive wheel.
  • What  markings on abrasive wheels indicate.
  • Why to, and how to measure spindle speeds.
  •  Current legal situation in Ireland.
  • Types of PPE. (personal protective equipment)
  • Safety checks.(pre use & post use)
  •  How & why to protect your lungs from dust
  • Noise, and Vibration, and B.S. markings

What will you leave the course with?
You will leave with a good quality handbook.  This handbook is yours to keep. It will be a useful reference for the future. You will also get a certificate for completing this abrasive wheel training. This abrasive wheel course is available online. That means you can complete part of it at home with a computer, or tablet. You can also attend classroom based courses.

You can book an Abrasive Wheel course here.

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