Electrical Safety Course

Electrical Safety

Course Aim:

• Raise awareness to potential hazards.
• Instruct on the recognition of hazards.
• Demonstrate ways and means of how to eliminate, remove, and prevent hazards in the workplace.
• Show the vital importance of observing all electrical safety requirements and best practices.
• Instructing you on what to do in the event an accident in the work place or elsewhere.

Course Content:

Basic Safety Course Content:
• Purpose and Best Practices
• Electrical Safety and the Law
• Basic Concepts of Electricity
• Hazard Recognition and what to do
• Effects of Electricity on the Human Body and those around you
• Electrical Hazard Protection
• Work Place Best Practices
• How to Respond/Report a Problem
• Supervisor Responsibilities
• Employee Responsibilities

NOTE: This course will not qualify you to work on electrical equipment!  You will not be a trained electrican by the end of this course.  This course is designed to enable you, the worker to use best practice and demonstrate some of the potential hazards you may encounter.

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