Frequently Asked Questions


Lost you Safe Pass card?

You will need to apply to Solas for a replacement Safe Pass card. All you need do is download the form from Solas Click to download form The form gives full details on the process involved in getting a replacement Safe Pass card.

Lost a Certificate

provided by Seamus O’Sullivan Training? There are strict rules regarding the re-issue of training certs.
Send a message using the form below, and provided all the following information matches his records, you will be issued with a new certificate. There will be a fee to pay –

Click here to request a new certificate

What is a PPS number?

Click here for details

Solas Safe Pass course times

are as follows – Start 8 AM sharp & Finishes at 5.15 PM

What are the course dates?

Have a look below, and book the course that suits you.

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