Seamus O’Sullivan Training provides two types of Manual Handling Training. Blended training which is getting very popular. It uses the latest technology to deliver the training and is provided on a one to one basis. Classroom type training is training provided in a classroom like setting.  Read below for more information on the two types of course.

Blended learning: This  is a self-paced Manual Handling Training course. You can do most of it at home or on your smartphone. Modern Technology is used to  deliver this type of training.

The design of the course allows you to operate at your own pace. Part of this course is delivered online. You do need access to the internet. You can do the online part of the course at a time, place and pace that suits you. Most modern devices e.g. Smart phones, Laptop computers etc can be used.

The part online is mainly video based. Once set up the course is available 24 hours a day. You can attend the course anytime that suits you. The online part take 45 minutes and final module is delivered on a one to one basis in Killarney (during office hours)and take 15 minutes. The final module consists of practical  training skills. If you are unable to come to Killarney it might be possible to complete it some other place.

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Standard Classroom course: This is a standard Manual Handling course. It is carried out in a classroom type setting. Normally there are about 10 people on the course. This type of Manual Handling course takes 4 hours. This course is provided during the normal working week.

Class room courses are not as popular as blended Blended Courses.  With this course you need to be prepared to attend a course for 4 hours. This course is delivered during the normal working day

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