Photo Guidelines
If you wish to attend a Safe Pass course with Seamus O’Sullivan Training you MUST be in the training room before 7.50am and bring 2 recently taken passport  quality type photos with you.  Poor quality photos will be rejected and you will NOT be allowed attend the Safe Pass course. See below some pointers regarding passport type photos, which are the type you MUST arrive with. The two photos MUST be identical and show a close up of your face and the top of your shoulders so that your face takes up between 70% and 80% of the frame



Glasses, head covers and clothing

Size of the two photos
Minimum Size of photo: 35mm x 45mm  –  Maximum Size of photo: 38mm x 50mm

Lighting and focus

Photo quality


Can I leave the course to get photos? No, you are required to arrive with 2 Safe Pass type photos and they are required by the trainer. If you do not have your photos with you, the application form cannot be filled in, and you cannot attend a Safe Pass course unless you have filled in the application form.

  1. Can I use my previous Safe Pass photo? No: your photo must have been taken within the last 6 months.
  2. I wear a head covering for religious purposes, is it ok for me to wear it in my photo?If you wear a head covering for religious reasons you are allowed to wear it in your Safe Pass photo. All other types of head accessories cannot be worn.
  3. Can I wear glasses?Transparent glasses may be worn so long as the frames do not cover any part of the eye or cause glare or shadows. Sunglasses must not be worn.
  4. Can my photo be a selfie?No.
  5. I have a paper photo, will that do?No, Scanned photos must not be used, obtain a good quality Safe Pass type photograph using the methods described on our site before making your application

People with disabilities

If you have a disability that prevents you meeting all of these requirements, Contact this office by sending an e-mail to and we will advise you.