Safe Pass course bookings are not being taken. We are working on safety protocols to ensure the safety of everyone attending. It is assumed we will be running courses in August.

Course dates will appear here.

Planning to attend the course:  Things are different in classroom training. COVID-19 is not going away for a long time. You will be informed of the new procedures prior to course booking.

Required administration: There will be strict rules in place to reduce delays at course registration

Room access/egress: You will get directions via email to the training room.

Temperature checks. Everyone attending the course will get their temperature checked prior to entry to the training room and on return to the training room after the lunch break. Anyone with a suspect temperature will have to undergo other checks and this may result in the candidate being denied access to the course.

Wearing of masks: The wearing of medical masks will be compulsory in any Safe Pass course that is delivered by Seamus O’Sullivan Training. Medical type masks are different than face coverings. You will be provided with 2 medical masks. Medical masks help to protect everyone in the room. Medical masks are different than the type you are using out in the construction sites.

Meals: Meals will not be provided. You must bring your flask & sandwiches and consuming same in your car/van. You will not have time to leave the property to get food. You cannot have meals in the training room as it will be cleaned up while you are on your breaks. It will be a requirement that you bring your own bottled water.

Click here to go through the SOP which the CIF issued. It is an incredibly good document and well worth a read. It clearly points out things you must do. That is the standard that is expected of everyone in construction

Good news for some people: Safe Pass cards that expired since March 2020 will be treated as valid until Safe Pass Training resumes. Safe Pass training will resume under permit soon. Click here for the legal paperwork.